Just 14 People Turned Up To See The Apple Watch In Beijing [Wait, What?!]

The Apple Watch doesn’t go on sale until April 24, but for Apple fans today represented the second best thing. The company has begun taking pre-orders for the device, and has started offering in-store trials for its newest gadget.

In true Apple tradition, hundreds of fans throng Apple stores in the wee hours before their launch, hoping to be the first to get their hands on the device. No one expected any different for the Apple Watch.
Bloomberg Business reports there were 14 people lined up outside a showroom in Beijing to try on the new Apple Watch. In Sydney there were 100, and in Tokyo, there were another 70 people in the lines.
This startling discovery can mean one of two things – Apple fans aren’t interested in the Apple Watch, or they’ve all hit the gym in preparation for wrestling their way through the lines when the device actually goes on sale.
The other, reason could be Apple’s decision to begin taking pre-orders for the Apple Watch online. Reports have suggested that only limited quantities of the Apple Watch are available online, and even those are getting taken quite quickly.
The move marks a shift in Apple’s sales strategy, which has been offline first-online second ever since the launch of the iPad. If nothing else, the whimsical turnout of people at Apple stores does show that even Apple fans are tired of waiting in long queues to get their hands on devices – this is the 21st century after all.
Reviews of the Apple Watch have already christened it as the best smartwatch in the world (not so surprising) and analysts aren’t expecting the device to be a dud. The tally is currently pegged at 300,000 Apple Watch pre-orders and 1 million devices being sold in the first 24 hours.
Will that happen? We really don’t know, but we do hope this is the end of the stupid tradition where Apple fans line up outside stores to get their hands on its latest devices. Only time will tell if that happens, so we’re all eagerly waiting for April 24.

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