Applying Six Stimuli to Persuade the Primal Brain

To improve your ability to persuade, you need to use six stimuli that speak to the primal brain first and can ultimately engage the rational brain as well.

  1. The message must be personal and able to relate quickly to a relevant frustration or pain.
  2. The message needs to be contrastable, so that a decision can be accelerated by comparing two situations that make the best choice obvious.
  3. The message must be tangible to achieve cognitive fluency and allow the primal brain to accept the truth of the argument.
  4. The message must be memorable so that retention is done effortlessly and designed to encode the part of the message that will trigger a decision.
  5. The message should be visual because the primal brain is visually dominant in the way information is first considered and integrated into our decisionā€making process.
  6. The message must produce a positive emotional uplift, to reach the higher cognitive areas and trigger a decision.

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