Appnomy Conference is open for registration with a unique ticket pricing mechanism

Appnomy Conference is scheduled for April 14th (Bangalore) and is targeted towards those who are interested in learning the multiple aspects of building an app business. The indie app developer community in India has been growing, but the number of app developers who are going full-steam and looking at building app business (*entrepreneurship*) is far from being termed ‘good enough’. And we want to play a significant role in changing this.

The upcoming Appnomy Conference will have participation from App Entrepreneurs, OEMs, Telecom operators and investors and the broad agenda of the event includes:

App Demos
Demos by selected app developers. By Thursday (March 15th), we will share the link for app developers to submit their app for the demo slot.
– App Speakers
Last edition speakers included Founder & CEO of Sourcebits to ex-Apple designer to founder of Onze sharing his startup journey and even this time, we plan to bring amazing set of speakers who will share their insights with the audience.
– App Talk
Discussions that go beyond app development and brings the much needed focus on analytics and importantly, monetization.

Date: April 14th, 2012.
Venue: Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd, 139/25, Ring Road, Domlur, Bangalore 560 071, India.


Appnomy Conference: Registration Details

Is this the 100th app conference in India? If not 100, atleast the 50th and frankly, the needle hasn’t moved even by an inch! Pretty much everything in 2012 is same as what it was in 2010, except that we are consuming a lot of apps, and producing very very few.

Are conferences effective? Why have another app conference, we asked ourselves? And we thought – maybe, we should just get together a selected set of people who are REALLY interested in participating in the app ecosystem and let them talk! A lot happens when passionate discussions take place, decision makers sit and listen to the serious stuff, which is mostly missing in many business/technology conferences in India.

So here is the deal. Appnomy Conference is free (we realized that ticket pricing cannot be the entry selection criteria). Free as in free. But, with a twist.

The twist is that towards the end of the conference, we will put up a payment box and you can deposit whatever amount you think the conference was worth for. If you say 0, we take it as a feedback.

Hold on. Here is another BIG deal!

We have very limited seats for the event and you will have to really tell us why you want to attend the event. So please fill up this form, share your details and we will connect with you (over the next 1 week).

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