Appnomy Conference – What a grand success [Recap]

The recently held Appnomy Conference (April 14th, Bangalore) was a grand success with a very good mix of insights on app economy as well as analytics, monetization and importantly, a dekho into some of the promising apps from India.

On behalf of team, we would like to thank our sponsors – Nokia , Vodafone, Vserv and Sequoia Capital for supporting the event and sharing their insights at the event; and partners: Sasken, mobigyaan for supporting the event and; importantly, the entire team (Kunal, Vivek Gupta, Pratyush, Srikanth) for making it a huge success.
– We would like to thank all our speakers – Suresh Narasimha (Telibrahma), Aakrit Vaish (Flurry),Rohith Bhat (Robosoft), Jonathan Bill (Vodafone India), Gerard Rego (Nokia India),
– We would like to thank the panelists – Ashay Padwal (Vserv), Shailesh Lakhani (Sequoia Capital), Kalyan Manyam (Mojostreet), Narayan Babu (Dexetra) and moderator, Lalit Bhise (Mobisy) for the great discussion.
– Importantly, the app demoing companies which came from all over the country to demo their apps (more on the apps in a separate post).
– the inquisitive audience for making the entire event a very lively and interactive one.

Before we share the details, let me share an interesting experiment we did at Appnomy Conference. We wanted to conduct an event which brings serious app developers (i.e. the ones who want to create an app business) and importantly, we wanted to bring the entire ecosystem (operators/developers/handset manufacturers/ investors/ecosystem players like analytics/ad networks etc). So, we had two options:

1. Keep the entry fee very high, so that only the ones who can afford will come over (a strategy followed by a lot of conferences).

2. Curate the attendee list.

Option 1 works, but expect a corporate-ish crowd, which is mostly in for networking purpose. Option 2 needs effort, but you can get kickass entrepreneurs/developers if you do a good job with curation. Importantly, we weren’t talking about the religious fights (HTML5 vs. Native, Android vs. iOS vs. WP etc) and instead, our core focus was on app business , which actually is a boring topic! A conference like this is as good as the conversation during the event. That’s what we tried and we are quite proud of our decision!

Appnomy Tweets
Appnomy Tweets

And now, here are a few pictures from the Appnomy Conference.


Also, we would like to congratulate Lokesh Chauhan for winning for the Nokia phone and all those 45 attendees who won the Vodafone goodies.

Next: List of app companies that demoed at Appnomy.

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