How AppsDaily Sells Mobile Apps Worth Thousands of Rupees to Indians

apps dailyDistribution of mobile applications in India has always been tricky. The popular belief is that Indians don’t buy apps. That is patently wrong, if you look at what folks at AppsDaily have been up to. The offline distribution network for apps, has sold apps worth thousands of rupees to Indian smartphone users.

Zubin Dubash, the Chief Strategy Officer of AppsDaily World, a retail distribution network for mobile applications, says that in spite of India being one of the largest growing smartphone market, mobile applications are being targeted at the wrong user group.

We have 3 main user groups in India. The Appers, App-Ready and Un-Apped smartphone users.

The Appers are the top of the pyramid and are the experts on apps amongst the group, according to Zubin.

“Most companies end up targeting all the marketing and advertising on the Appers, when the bigger opportunities lie with the App-Ready users.” says Zubin

The App-Ready users have a DIFM(Do-it-for-me) aka ‘Kar Ke Do’ attitude. India by insight is all about DIFM. Most customers are not aware of what kind of apps are available for various uses and most people buy smartphones today due to peer group pressure.

In a country like India where a majority of mobile recharge happens through a DIFM mode, it is a model less looked into. AppsDaily has tapped into the app market successfully based on their DIFM strategy.

In this video Zubin takes as through their journey.

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