April Fool Pranks – India Leads the Search [But Why?]

What is it about Indians that we search so hard for April fool pranks?

Data from Google Insights (last 3 months) shows us topping the chart (followed by Canada, US and UK).

As far as wider range data (i.e. query volume since 2004) is concerned, Pakistan leads the search volume!

Coming back to India, Maharashtra leads the chart followed by Delhi – is there some ‘fool’ connection? Do share your opinion?

Top April Fool Pranks

This year, Google’s Cadie seems to be a dry one (as compared to last year).

Nevertheless, here are my top 4 favs:

Others: Google Chrome, youTube watch, redBus.in, Yahoo’s ideology search,

Share your fav prank.

Coming back to the question, help us understand why India leads the web search for ‘april fools’? Don’t we have enough politicians around?

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