Are Crumbling Companies (Yahoo) Dangerous too?


Are Crumbling Companies (Yahoo) Dangerous too?

The worth of being a loyal customer of Yahoo is only US dollars 10. Refer the latest arrangement of Yahoo with the Government agencies, where price of sharing private information of an individual account has been worked out to USD 10. Only.

And if this is an act of treachery on those users who trusted their personal data with the Yahoo brand for so long, the reason to exchange it for so less seems only the recent dire state of the company. One can only imagine what the price of private data would have been, had Yahoo pulled off a deal with Microsoft.

So are such decisions expected to come by when suddenly a company on a high pedestal is pushed down into a recessive loop leaving behind only a handful of unethical choices to choose from in order to sustain in the face of recession (death)?


Here is the detailed price list at which Yahoo would be willing to share your personal credentials and demographic details to any government agency who fills out the request form.

• Basic subscriber records: approx. $20 for the first ID, $10 per ID thereafter
• Basic Group Information (including information about moderators): approx. $20 for a group with a single moderator
• Contents of subscriber accounts, including email: approx. $30-$40 per user
• Contents of Groups: approx. $40 – $80 per group

The deal to allow Government espionage seems exact opposite of what the Company has lately been claiming on TV Commercials. Is Yahoo really about ‘You’ or is it about money? Or neither.

And why hasn’t such a deal been firmed up with due consideration of consumer interest? Or least the consumer opinion.

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