Are VC Firms Attending UnPluGGd? The Big Q?

“Can I carry my business plan and pitch to a VC during the event”

“Are VCs attending the event, or is it going to be just the entrepreneurs?” – Very frequently asked questions.

VCs are the attraction center of the startup ecosystem – they attract everybody (well, they have the money); and event organizations often use their presence as a tool to attract entrepreneurs (and fill seats).

But we are taking a different standpoint here.

Pretty much all the VC firms (the ones in Bangalore) and angel investors are attending the event, but we won’t be displaying their logo/names anywhere on the site.

No, we do not hate VCs, but we do want to see whether the event can stand on its own with just the Badshahs of the ecosystem, i.e. the entrepreneurs.

And if you are an entrepreneur who attends an event to meet VCs, my candid suggestion would be to meet them one-on-one, i.e. if you are seriously planning a startup (we will do the connection, if you want us to).

You decide.

And if you are a VC firm reading this post, do come over – you will have a great company of serious entrepreneurs and fellow VCs.

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