Are we done with the hype called Social Networking?

Quite lately, I have been wondering about the dying hype/fad called social networking! These days, nobody talks about them..its all about twitter, friendfeed. Short conversations have taken over ‘add/find a friend’ features.

A typical hype cycle? Oh well, this is what a hype curve looks like (courtesy: wikipedia)

hype cycle

Do you think social networking story is over for India? Are we past the “peak of inflated expectations” phase? Will we ever get into the slope of enlightenment?

My question is – do such networks exists because of easily available CMS tools like Drupal/Joomla/Ning etc, i.e. if not for these tools will the creators actually take the pain of doing something more valuable/thoughtful?

Aside, I have talked about the ever increasing need for vertical social networks – be it for motorsport enthusiasts or for merchant navy officers; and now, BPO employees have their own social network – bpovoice (uses Ning platform), which has useful resources for BPO employees.

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