Areapal – Neighborhood Networking Site

Had enough of social networking? Try out neighborhood networking.

Areapal, Chennai based student startup has launched their networking portal enabling people to network with others in their neighborhood.

During the registration process, you need to specify your location and Areapal will showcase people residing in the same area.

The site is in a very early mode (with very few users in the system) – and is pretty much laid out like Orkut (they should launch an Orkut app as well). Areapal lets you buy/sell items in your locality marketplace, add events etc.

Do give Areapal a dekho and share your opinion. If they are able to attract users, they can surely monetize via local ads (something which is restricted to local search players only).

What’s your opinion on philosophy of ‘neighborhood’ networking? Isn’t networking either global (like talking to your friends on Facebook) or purely local (for e.g. commonfloor)?

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