Around the coffee table! Welcome to forums

I would like to take forum for Indian startups moment to say a BIG THANKS to all who participated in the poll. While the poll is still running (and we have got a good indication of stuffs that you expect from us), I am happy to announce our “Around the coffee table discussion!”, i.e. forum (
Discussion over the coffee table will fall under following themes:

  • Entrepreneurship – lets learn from each other. You might have questions about VC funding, equity, term sheet etc . Lets discuss all these questions. In another few days time, we will have a VC plug who will also reply to all your queries related to VC funding.
  • Indian startups – What’s up with the startup scene in India? What’s your favorite startup (you look upto?) What are the areas where you feel Indian startups lack? Marketing? Usability? Lets discuss all that here.
  • Startup Jobs – While we get our job board ready in another few days, please use this forum to post your job requirements. It could be the other way round too, i.e. if you are willing to get involved with startups on a part time basis, post that!
  • Much more – We will keep adding related forums and topics to have a contextual discussion around areas.

There are a few basic features that are already implemented- for e.g. you can track a discussion by subscribing to the RSS feed, add tags to topics etc.
This is our first baby step towards building a great forum for all of us to talk about entrepreneurship, challenges in startups and more..Lets learn from each other. I look forward to see you all at the coffee table!

Please take a moment to register here and have some hotly brewed coffee

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