Using customer development to build SAAS business: Introducing Arpit of WebEngage, ProductGeeks Conf Speaker

How do I understand my customer (MUCH better)?
How do I engineer growth in the product? Prioritize features?

If you aren’t going through these questions, chances are that you are either lying or don’t exist. Most products (including B2B / B2C) fail at identifying the real needs of customers.
Globally, 42% startups failed because they could not figure out customers requirements.
Why is customer development so difficult? How can I get it right? Is there a methodology to it?
Meet Arpit Rai – he is the VP of Product at WebEngage. Prior to WebEngage, Arpit worked in product & growth at BrowserStack and was the first product hire there.

Arpit is speaking at ProductGeeks Conference (April 14th @Bangalore) and his topic is:

Using customer development to build your SAAS business.

In Arpit’s own words:

Using customer development to build your SAAS business (in addition to just building the product, I intend to also talk about how customer development can be used to increase conversion, lower churn, create pricing etc.
These will be all real lessons from BrowserStack and WebEngage. No gyaan.

ProductGeeks Conf is a 1 day conference that brings India’s product ecosystem together – right from entrepreneurs, to product leaders, product managers, decision makers (CXOs) and investors together.
The conf, scheduled for April 14th (@Hotel Park PLaza, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore) brings in an inspiring lineup of speakers.

ProductGeeks Conf Speakers
ProductGeeks Conf Speakers

ProductGeeks Conf Details

Date: April 14th (Bangalore)
Venue: Hotel Park Plaza, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.
Discount Code: Use the discount code “NEXTBIGWHAT”
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