Scaling Down Before Scaling Up : Introducing UnPluggd Speaker, Ashish Goel [UrbanLadder]

Hear founders talk some serious shit

Startups are all about scaling up. But UrbanLadder took a very different approach to build scale. They scaled down their operations after raising funding (read this interview with cofounder, Rajiv).

Ashish Goel, UrbanLadder Cofounder
Ashish Goel, UrbanLadder Cofounder
has demonstrated the value of building a niche business in ecommerce space which is mostly crowded now. The company has gone through its own journey of market creation and importantly, a decision to scale down before scaling up!
At UnPluggd, hear some amazing product insights from Ashish Goel Рright from product management fundamentals to growth hacking. To quickly share, UrbanLadder did a lot of quirky UX implementation to create the right positioning among the buyers and if you are an entrepreneur going through questions around product/market fit or related to scaling up, you should surely attend this session!
UrbanLadder was launched in July 2012 by co-founders Ashish Goel and Rajiv Srivatsa with the aim of making a million beautiful Indian homes. The company recently raised funding from Ratan Tata  and earlier raised $21mn in Series B.
If you are an entrepreneur who is wobbled with too many mn$ funding news, come over to UnPluggd and listen up to some of the real challenges founders have been through. Hear founders talk some serious shit! Only at UnPluggd !!

UnPluggd Details

Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
Speakers/Agenda : The partial list is out.
The event wil be followed by networking evening (buy the tickets here).
Registration details : Hop here.
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