With Ask A Doctor App, the Doc Will Come to Your Smartphone


With Ask A Doctor App, the Doc Will Come to Your Smartphone

HealthcareMagicIf you have a medical query, going online might not be the best idea. The web is full of misleading information. To go to a doctor for that might be too tedious. What do you do then?

Bangalore based portal Healthcare Magic, is bringing all those of you who want to avoid long queues at the doctor or want to consult in privacy or simply looking for a second doctor’s opinion, an easy solution– the Ask-a-Doctor app.The app will let you consult with a doctor using a smartphone.

AskaDoctor packageThe service helps you get answers from doctors around the world, round the clock. You can send in your medical queries to a doctor  and get replies to them. Once a user posts a question, a qualified doctor on the network will reply with medically correct health information and the right course of action required for the medical condition.

You can even get replies from specialists like Cardiologists, Neurologists, Oncologists, Urologists or from any of the other specialists. This feature can come very useful in case of conditions that are already diagnosed and require a second opinion from a specialist. Be it a second opinion on a by-pass surgery, or on those several questions during pregnancy and new parenthood.

The company says that the app allows you to get opinions from more than 15,000 doctors and specialists from over 50 specialties on their network.

Using the service you can get your replies in 3 simple steps

  1. Write your query to the doctor including all the details pertaining to the medical condition you would like to inquire about. Include details like medical history, allergies, your symptoms and other medications and treatments you have tried. You do not have to disclose your personal identifiable information.

  1. Now you can choose your service package. You can either pay for a single query from a General Physician or a Specialist or for the monthly package, that allows you to place unlimited queries for any of your family members.

  1. Finally you have to choose your prefered payment option from Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal account or the others and get your reply from the doctor.

AskaDoctor queryThe App

As far as design goes the layout is simple and easy to understand. After the opening splash screen, you will be lead to a comment box where you can post your query. You can also take photos of your report or injury and attach it to the query from this screen.

A list of doctors currently online on the service are also displayed below the screen.

Once the you finish the query and the image uploads you will be lead to the next screen where you can choose your preferred package i.e General Physician or Specialist and One question or Unlimited and pay.

The UI is simple and easy to use and the replies are displayed in the form of a conversation making it easy to browse.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.


A single query to a General Physician costs Rs 199 and a single query to a Specialist costs Rs 599.

An unlimited General Physician package costs Rs 799 a month and an unlimited Specialist package costs Rs 1,499 a month.

Give the service a try and leave your comments below.

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