Introducing : Ask Me Manythings on NextBigWhat Forum [AskAvlesh on SAAS]

The NextBigWhat forum has grown massively over the last few months.
We keep witnessing several interesting questions/discussions and in order to put more structure to the madness, we are happy to announce Ask Me Manythings*, a QnA section that brings together doers (not #startupbabas) and have them share their insights/experience with entrepreneurs.askmemanythings
Our key focus area is to bring doers who can share actionable insights and not the regular gyaan that we often come across on social media (a.k.a blah)

Moving Forward : From StartupQnA 

One of the coolest ideas, NextBigWhat launched way back in 2011 was StartupQnA. It was a great success, but we soon realized that a community platform where people can discuss is more powerful than just QnA.
That is,
Discussions + Chatter + Ask Me Manythings = Amazing Community (NextBigWhat Forum)
We earlier did a few PoCs (e.g. Ask Paul Singh of 500Startups) and Ask Me Manythings is the most logical step to take the intention forward.

Meet Avlesh, WebEngage Founder [AskHimManythings]

We are happy to introduce our first series : AskAvlesh on SAAS and Sales..
Ofcourse, most of you probably know Avlesh Singh (@avlesh). He is the founder of WebEngage, Mumbai based startup. Avlesh has been selling WebEngage to brands – right from Indian ecommerce companies to global players; and has (surely) learnt quite a few stuff around selling SAAS.
So go ahead and ask him questions on SAAS – selling to Indian companies vs. global players? Do you need physical (sales) presence to sell to enterprises?
Plus, if you are a geek who finds selling difficult, Avlesh is a great example of how a geek learnt sales and is cracking it!
Ask Him Manythings on SAAS/Sales/Marketing – whatever you think fits the context.
Mind you, Avlesh is a DOER and if you have more to add/debate/discuss to what is already being answered by him, please feel free to do so.

Ask Me Manythings: Format

Only 1 question/thread. Use the tag AskAvlesh.
Note that the forum only allows facebook login – though we never push anything to your stream. Enjoy. Have a cup of coffee and AskAvleshManythings!
If you have suggestions on who else shall we bring for the AskMeManythings series, please share with us (
*Ofcourse, we love Reddit’s AMA (ask me anything) and loved the candidness of the qna there – Ask Me Manythings is surely an inspiration from what Reddit has achieved.

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