askLaila testing click to call service (Google failed to implement in India)


askLaila testing click to call service (Google failed to implement in India)

Google failed to implement Click-to-call in India (advertisers weren’t pleased with the quality of service), and now askLaila is testing the service in it’s portal.

The current testing is being done for restaurant query, Bangalore and is being tested upon one of the founder’s owned restaurant, Potluck.

This is an interesting development, because if you are a local search player (web based), you only have limited options to maximize the value of your product (and beat the beast, i.e. justdial)

  • Launch voice service (Google launched voice service and is now integrating voice recognition to automate the search) – this needs some serious cash, if you are going call center route, but otherwise you won’t get 100% accuracy in voice recognition.
    Even if you are taking the voice recognition route, you need to have a fallback option of human support and that means burning a lot more cash.
  • Leave the voice business to justdial (and other regional players) and focus on web – that means, leaving quite a major portion of money on the table.

The most optimum way to monetize Local search is via lead generation and web based local search players have no option, but to take the click-to-call route : voice or no voice.


What are the other monetization models? Do share.

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Sulekha too has implemented click-to-call service in it’s portal – any feedback on the quality?

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