The Upcoming ASUS VivoWatch Could Have10-Day Battery Life

From what we’ve been hearing, the Apple Watch is all set to put a big ding in the smartwatch market, stealing it away from Google’s Android Wear. However, Apple’s device still leaves many things to be desired, especially long-lasting battery life.
ASUS’ upcoming smartwatch will apparently look to capitalize on this, featuring 10-day battery life. Details about the VivoWatch are still sparse, but the device will apparently feature a stainless steel case and IP67 dust and water resistance.
The ASUS VivoWatch will be fitness oriented, featuring a heart-rate monitor and sleep tracker. While all these features might not set it apart from other smartwatches (ie. Android Wear devices), it’s 10-day battery life should.
Engadget speculates that the company will be able to achieve those endurance figures by using a black & white display, with some sort of colour indicator bar at the bottom. Still, considering that this was deduced by looking at an image, take all the info here with a pinch of salt.
Smartwatches with batteries that last upwards of a week aren’t all that rare these days, with Pebble being the leader in the segment. However, if the ASUS VivoWatch does deliver on its 10-day  battery life, it could be the first Android Wear device to do so, helping Google’s platform compete better with Apple.
[Image/Article Source: Engadget]

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