Asynchronous Voice Messaging meets Social with Phonon App

The next time you want to wish your friend on their Birthday or comment on their post on Facebook privately, tell it to them personally rather than typing it out on the wall. Using the Voice Messaging app Phonon is a great way to give the message a personal feel.

With Phonon you can leave voice comments in private,or send messages to any Facebook friend. The app lets a user send voice messages across in the same fashion we send text messages.

Asynchronous voice messaging apps have been gaining a lot of attention of late, Facebook recently added this functionality to its standalone messenger app. One of the main advantages of this messaging system is of users being able to make a voice conversation over a period of time without being actually present nearby.

Users can also end conversations for time being and restart it  at a later time. Asynchronous voice messaging is also more convenient compared to regular voice call (synchronous) in certain situations.

Phonon was developed by a bootstrapped 3 member team consisting of Srikrishnan, Vignesh and Deepak based out of Chennai. The app, launched earlier this year, functions similar to other messaging apps like Viber or WhatsApp, sending asynchronous voice or text message using your wi-fi or data connections, but with a personal touch.

With Phonon you can even send message to users without the app and they can use the Facebook app to listen to your messages. Group messaging is another feature in the app, this function comes in handy while starting a chat among friends. The app is in its initial stages and many more tweaks are on the way.

“For our current version of the app, the Facebook login is required.We will, however, open up to support an email sign-up option in the future .” said Srikrishnan, Co-Developer Phonon.

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Once the app is installed users are guided through the interface with a quick slideshow explaining the app. The app has a clean tabbed interface, letting you switch between home, contacts and your inbox in a breeze. The home page displays all the new Facebook posts from your contacts.

There is also a birthday notification icon on the home page which displays birthdays on a day to day basis. There are two icons, for voice and text message, on each post making it easy to send replies in a click. Unlike SMS, Phonon messages don’t have a size limit for voice or text.

Recording the message is a simple click away. Once the message is send, they turn up in your app inbox. All replies to the particular message are grouped like a chat in the inbox making it easy to browse through.

We tried out the app and the messages and replies were delivered instantly and were very audible. There is also an option to listen to the message through the ea piece. In all the app has a great feel and is easy to use.

You can get the Android version here and the iOS version here.

Try using Phonon for your next message and leave a comment below.

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