Atlas Cycle launches India’s First Titanium Cycle; Priced at Rs. 3 lakhs


Atlas Cycle launches India’s First Titanium Cycle; Priced at Rs. 3 lakhs

Atlas cycle has launched India’s 1st Titanium Bicycle.

Titanium Cycle (representational image)
Titanium Cycle (representational image)

Atlas’ Titanium is targeted towards professional bikers and the price of Titanium cycle in India is Rs. 3 lakh and comes with following features:
– Light weight Titanium frame (used in aircrafts)
– Dual Disc Brakes (Shimano)
– Shimano 30 Speed Gears
– Alloy pedals
– Maxxis tyre & tubes
– Shimano hollow crank chainwheel
Given the pricing and the fact that the cycle competes with Enfields of the world, what’s your take on the sales prediction? Will this be a big hit or will it remain limited to a niche buyer segment?

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  1. Sabyasachi Sahoo

    Yes, way too expensive, built to last a lifetime though.
    Unfortunately, Unlike TI cycles, lacking detailed diversification. I came searching for a road bike like Montra Celtic .. could not find one.
    Yes, Montra Country side road bike priced at INR 1 lakh which incorporated SRAM components can be seen in old videos on YouTube, dated 2013, may be !

  2. Gopal Mallick

    stupid planning, It’s not buying any customer

  3. Derek Shaffer

    OK, it’s their first premium cycle, but I still have to say, “OMG Atlas, LOSE THE RACK AND THE FENDERS!!”

  4. Sudhanshu Verma

    Useless minds, useless bikes.

  5. Would rather not mention

    ” targeted towards professional bikers”
    targeted to people, who don’t know what to do with their money.
    No pro is going to ride this bike in a race.
    It’s a commuter bike. Overpriced, even for a Ti bike.

  6. Baburaj CT

    Are you sure it’s the first titanium bike in India?
    I think Montra had a Titanium bike earlier in 2012, named Country, which they later discontinued.

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