Atlas cycle has launched India’s 1st Titanium Bicycle.

Titanium Cycle (representational image)

Atlas’ Titanium is targeted towards professional bikers and the price of Titanium cycle in India is Rs. 3 lakh and comes with following features:
– Light weight Titanium frame (used in aircrafts)
– Dual Disc Brakes (Shimano)
– Shimano 30 Speed Gears
– Alloy pedals
– Maxxis tyre & tubes
– Shimano hollow crank chainwheel
Given the pricing and the fact that the cycle competes with Enfields of the world, what’s your take on the sales prediction? Will this be a big hit or will it remain limited to a niche buyer segment?


  • Are you sure it’s the first titanium bike in India?
    I think Montra had a Titanium bike earlier in 2012, named Country, which they later discontinued.

  • ” targeted towards professional bikers”
    targeted to people, who don’t know what to do with their money.
    No pro is going to ride this bike in a race.
    It’s a commuter bike. Overpriced, even for a Ti bike.

  • OK, it’s their first premium cycle, but I still have to say, “OMG Atlas, LOSE THE RACK AND THE FENDERS!!”

  • Yes, way too expensive, built to last a lifetime though.
    Unfortunately, Unlike TI cycles, lacking detailed diversification. I came searching for a road bike like Montra Celtic .. could not find one.
    Yes, Montra Country side road bike priced at INR 1 lakh which incorporated SRAM components can be seen in old videos on YouTube, dated 2013, may be !


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