When Augmented Reality Meets Crime Scene, You Can Become Detective on CrimeDoor

CrimeDoor is an unprecedented technology entertainment content platform focused on True Crime. It is an astute convergence of Augmented Reality (AR) and content that is primed to disrupt news media, entertainment, technology, and the True Crime genre with its jaw-dropping concept of letting its users experience crime scenes themselves.


  • CrimeDoor lets you walk directly into crime scenes virtually
  • It lets you solve some mind-boggling and notorious cold cases
  • You get to not only view but  also share photos of actual crime scenes with your friends and associates
  • It also shows you videos related to several unsolved cases
  • You also get to listen to several informative true crime podcasts

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Location: Los Angeles

CrimeDoor is a wonderful opportunity not only for crime scene enthusiasts but for anyone looking to have a fun time in solving unsolved crime cases. It not only serves as an excellent exercise for your brain but helps you live the lives of detectives and investigators for a short while with its ingenious Augmented Reality technology.

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