Aurality brings the radio to your mobile web

Aurality, a Mumbai based startup has launched its iPhone app that pretty much starts off from where Podcast business died. Podcasting, as we all know was a rage phenomena in early days of web2.0 phenomena, but eventually died owing to several reasons (including lack of monetization etc).

Aurality is a mobile platform that delivers an audio stream of your favorite news and blogs to your phone so you can listen instead of reading. The beta is available for free in the Apple AppStore and you can take any of the blog/news site RSS feed and have Aurality read the new for you.

Unlike Podcasts that had a control on source, Aurality democratizes the entire offering (you can listen to blogs, news, articles or any website of your choice) and one of the smart features they have implemented is the concept of listening modes – i.e. you can choose between
– 5 sec headlines
– 20 sec clips
– Full length articles
You can switch dynamically between all 3 modes – i.e. if a headline catches your fancy, switch to quick scan or full article mode to get the entire article.


The startup has raised angel money from Rajan Anandan and a major use-case of the app (IMO) is listening to the audio stream when one is driving (I used to download a lot of podcasts while driving to work, though that is now replaced by senseless FM chatter).

Do give Aurality app a spin and share your comment – do you think there is a niche business model in-making here (given the splurge of smartphone devices/tablets in education space)? Is voice still a killer medium or have we all moved to videos?

Is there an attention span challenge with audio (and precisely the reason why Podcast business wasn’t monetizable)?

What’s your opinion?

Watch the demo video

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