Pune Based Startup Aurochs Launches Sales Compensation Product For Pharma Companies

Sales compensation for pharma companies is a niche problem to solve. You need to have the right compensation metrics to right geographical hierarchies – i.e. custom solution.

There are many players solving the problem like Callidus software, IBM(Varicent), ZS but except ZS others are not pharma focussed & don’t even cater to the SME pharma industries. The predominant player remains MS Excel, as customers tend to use spreadsheet farms to manage their sales compensation needs, which ofcourse is not optimized.aurochs

Pune based Aurochs Software is custom built for the pharma industry and has standard sales compensation plan components and metrics are in-built into Aurochs. The startup supports pharma data structures, five-level geographic hierarchy, configurable payment schedules and parametrized eligibility exceptions as well.

Auroch also has a built-in quality assurance framework that helps in providing detailed input and output validations with rich summaries & is claimed to be unique in the market by the team.

[Author: Rameswar Mishra of NextBigWhat Team]

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