Indian Angel Network has announced an undisclosed investment in Delhi based Aurus Network. Aurus Networks provides internet based, live 2-way HD classes for connecting teachers with students across the country. Following the investment, Saumya Meattle and Sharad Sharma of IAN join the board of Aurus Network. [Read from our earlier coverage: Aurusnet brings cloud based HD video conferencing solution to educational institutions].

Till now Aurus Networks has been successfully running a network of more than 10 teaching studios and around 100 classrooms across the country. Apart from offering live online classes, the Virtual Classroom solution also simplifies the otherwise cumbersome process of lecture capturing and online course content generation.

How Aurus Network works

Each Aurus Live Studio is powered by an Interactive HD Broadcaster, which is capable of capturing, compressing and streaming up-to 2 high-definition video feeds in real-time to our video streaming servers.

Companies servers are located in tier-4 internet data centers in cities including Singapore, New Delhi and Hyderabad. In order to support virtually unlimited simultaneous viewers, they maintain elastic servers which can scaled up or down instantaneously depending on the system load.

Launched in July 2010, Aurus Network  was founded by Piyush Agrawal, who graduated from IIT Kanpur with B.Tech-M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering in 2008 and later went to Stanford. The startup aims to revolutionize the use of internet based, relevant and affordable solutions, thus eliminating the need for expensive hardware based video conferencing or VSAT equipments and networks.


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