Aurus Network Launches CourseHub, An Automated Video Platform For Educators

Internet based live streaming technology company Aurus Network has launched CourseHub, a new platform which connects teachers and students using video for classes.

CourseHub is a cloud based video creation, management and distribution solution. Teachers or institutes just need install the software and start delivering content. It works with a phone camera, webcam or an HD camera as well.

The startup had similar offerings but it lacked few important features which have been integrated in CourseHub. For instance, previously institutions were required to pay a fixed amount of monthly or annual subscription fees, now they only need to pay depending on the number of users (students) registering for the service.CrowdHub

Secondly, online payment services are integrated with the platform using which teachers can sell their products (courses) or can ask students to subscribe. Other features such as timed assessments, analytics, integrated video, editing and live interaction (text/audio/video) makes the solution more user friendly and effective. Classes can be scheduled in the software and the lecture will be recorded and streamed live at the given time without any external change required.

When we tried the demo version of a course, all the features were working great. To start, students need to take a small 2 minute test to ensure the that everything works. One can see the live lectures as well as recorded ones depending on the access permissions provided by the teacher or organization. Audio quality was good and clear with consistent video speed as it works on low bandwidths of 100 kbps too. The live chat option allows interactive discussion between the lecturer and student.

As of now the company is working with more than 40 institutions and is in talks with various corporates. In September 2012, it secured an undisclosed amount of funding from Indian Angel Network. Some of the clients includes Gate Academy, Career Point, IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore and also corporate like HCL and Kemin among others.

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