The New Hot Startups Will Be Camels, Not Unicorns

Camel” startups remind us that a different model exists. While they still pursue and achieve rapid growth, these startups balance it with other objectives like managing costs and charging a reasonable price for products or services. While many of these entrepreneurs harness network effects and enjoy enviable rates of growth, their scaling trajectory may not have the same perfect exponential hockey-stick curve to which Silicon Valley startups aspire. Instead, they focus on sustainable growth from day one. The cash curve does not dip as deeply.

The New Facebook Design…Is Facebook Becoming More User-Centric?

Apart from a 10X better typography and focus on content, the biggest change that I am seeing is updates from humans (i.e. my fraands on facebook), groups (which I am part of) and pages (I follow) – this is very unlike last year, where FB would just push random pages and videos on your feed.

Announcing : The NextBigWhat Radio

Available in all possible platforms, the NextBigWhat Radio will be running diff shows in the podcast – right from some of our conference content (which is PURE GOLD) to exclusive interviews and convos.