Are you the first Product Manager at a company? Here's some crowdsourced wisdom for you

If you're starting as a Product Manager at a company that's …

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This AI meme generator makes better memes than you

Imgflip's meme creation tool has been used millions of times to …

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Content Marketing Goals: 15 Ways to Set, Track, Measure Your Efforts

Content marketing is now a domain that has as many metrics …

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Connected South Asia

Personal Data Protection Bill approved by Cabinet

The Union Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved …

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20 Books For Founders & Business Leaders In 2020 That Will Take You To The Next Level

Founders and Business Leaders who are looking to up their game …

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20 Books For 2020

20 Product Management Books For 2020 – That You Should Definitely Read

Reading is a habit that every Product Manager should inculcate – …

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This startup looks to make batteries smarter and last longer with an AI based cloud platform [Interview]

Why Read This? Learn about the how and why of battery …

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[Interview] Fast, furious & electric? Emflux Motors is building India’s first ‘electric superbike’.

Why Read This? Learn about the fledgling two-wheeler EV space in …

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Why should all electric vehicles look like bulky sedans? Meet Strom Motors’ funky 3-wheeled electric car.

Why Read This? Learn about an upstart firm aiming to compete …

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Your need for speed can be electric. Meet Ultraviolette Automotive. [Interview]

Why read this: Learn about the emerging two-wheeler EV space in …

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Samsung’s Galaxy Home release may be close at hand – will compete with Amazon Echo & Google Home

While it’s been over a year since Samsung first revealed the …

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2 lakh two wheelers & 50,000 three wheelers planned in Kerala’s ambitious new EV drive

Kerala is planning to replace all of its 15-year-old ICE three-wheelers …

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