Find the Right Fare to Pay Cabs/Autorickshaws Using MeterUp!


Find the Right Fare to Pay Cabs/Autorickshaws Using MeterUp!

For anyone commuting in a cab or auto rickshaw, here’s an app that tries to makes your life easier. It does away with the need to haggle, and search for a cheap cab.

Developed by Dinesh Kumar Kotha and Sripad Vaidya in 2011, MeterUp! is an app that generates auto and cab fares for commuting around a city.


It is a fairly straightforward app, and that’s one of the reasons why it is so great to use.

Users enter the destination they want to travel from and to. MeterUp! generates the fare traveling in an autorickshaw to said destination SHOULD cost you. It also gives a list of cab services available, and the fares each one asks for.

In addition, the app also has an integrated Google maps feature which can be used upon selecting the mode of transport.

The app has two modes in which it can be used – the ‘Default City’ mode, and the ‘Custom City’ mode.

meterup 2

The default mode is available in 15 cities that include Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kochi, Chennai and Mumbai among others.

The custom mode lets users key in the specifics or the base that the fares need to be calculated on. Pick a city from the database of over 500 cities, key in the rate/km and the minimum charge, and get the fares for your city.

What Works for MeterUp!

  • Simple UI

  • Integrated maps makes it easier to navigate, without having to exit the app itself

  • Cab services also have the numbers given alongside it. So you just need to click to call, again without having to exit the app

  • Customisation. For 500 cities across India.

  • Lets you share the details across Drive, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and more, without having to resort to a screenshot.meterup 2

Where It Can Improve

  • Auto-complete/Predictive text was absent, even though the developers mentioned that it has been rolled out in Bangalore & Hyderabad. Pretty cumbersome to have to type out an area’s name. Would be great to see something similar to Google maps

  • Tested the app in Bangalore, and the prices shown for autos were higher than what is usually paid. For an auto ride from HSR Layout to Bellandur (Bangalore), fares showed Rs 63. Fare paid usually is 45 on the new meter. Sometimes, the fare was right though.

  • The custom city, default city options could be even easier to use if the name of the city selected was also displayed once it has been selected. The name displayed remains “custom city” even after selection.

  • Only available on Android, for now.

Overall, this app if pretty useful, despite a few issues. It has had about 10,000 downloads so far. Get the app here.

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