AutoClean – Robot that Cleans your House

Burgeon Systems, Pune based startup has launched its robotic floor cleaning system – AutoClean – which “knows” where and how to clean your house. Named the Emperor and Knight (which sounds kind of anti-job profile that is assigned to it though) come with a self-charging home base. Once it is done cleaning or its battery runs low, the robot simply returns to the Home Base to dock and charge. You can also direct it where to clean first and a mark a Virtual Wall that contains the robot to clean within a specific area. Just like you’d do with your domestic help.

The features of the cleaner, as claimed by Burgeon Systems are:

  • It can detect the dirty area and increase the cleaning for that area during the cleaning process.
  • Stair Avoidance Detector assures that the unit won’t drop from the staircase and table.
  • It will automatically seek out the charging unit when the battery goes low to recharge the batteries.
  • The cleaner will guide itself when it gets stuck below the furniture.
  • Sterilization using UV light kills most bacteria and viruses on the floor surface.
  • 1 Liter dustbin capacity, Dustbin can be easily removed to discard the collected debris and dust
  • Non-collision Bumper protects your furniture and wall surfaces.
  • Mop installation to improve the cleaning efficiency.
  • Virtual Wall Detector makes sure the cleaner works within the confined area which you want to clean.
  • Wall Following Sensor ensures the unit cleans most floor edges and corners along the wall.
  • Adjustable travel speed.
  • Self-adjusting cleaning head automatically traverses uneven floor transitions as it cleans carpet,
  • The cleaner can handle hardwood, linoleum, and tile based floor surfaces and carpets.

The immediate question that springs up in my mind is that of the applied algorithm to determine a “dirty area” and handling “sharp corners” within the boundary of our homes. The cleaner looks cylindrical in shape which, kind of limits it reach into the corners of the wall, and perhaps near furniture.

Watch these demo videos:

Ah! So is it really the Wall – E at work?

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