Startup IQEcommerce launches Re-marketing automation tools for ecommerce companies

We recently carried a guest post from Abhishek Rajan (GM, One97) on how Indian ecommerce companies are using Remarketing for abandoned shopping carts. The article resulted in IQEcommerce, an Ecommerce solution company to build Remarketing feature in their solution.

Features offered by IQEcommerce includes:

Unpaid Order: For customers who didn’t complete their payment process, you can customize the email template along with the timeline (minutes/hours/days) to send emails to the shopper after the unpaid orders have been captured in the system. Create up to three emails as reminders for completion of unfinished payment.

Item Left In Cart: Many shoppers leave their shopping cart without completing their order; this email automation tool sends reminder emails to the shopper for completing the unfinished order. Store owner can customize email template as well as the time period ((minutes/hours/days).  Along with the original email, two reminder mails can be setup for this purpose.

Request Review: Product reviews improve the conversion rate on ecommerce websites. The IQEcommerce system can automatically send an email to the customer asking them to review their product and purchase.  Customize the email template and the delivery schedule as you see fit.

Thank You: Sometimes order confirmation is not enough for customer engagement.  You need to get in touch with your customer with some kind of appreciation email, follow-up question, or encourage them to follow you on twitter or Facebook.

Referral Code: If you want to grow your customer base, you have to ask your existing customer for some kind of referral or send them coupon codes, so that they can promote your products to their personal network. Based on this, IQEcommerce has enabled this email tool, which is totally customizable from the admin side.

remarketing-ecommerceIn short, you can curtail the email automation time and instead avail Remarketing as a readymade feature.

Do give the solution a try and share your comments. If you are an ecommerce company, how else are you doing remarketing? What are the tools you are using?

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