Automated trading made easy with SmartAPI and Smart Store

The FinTech industry is making vast strides in all conceivable aspects. Companies offering financial services are constantly optimising their products to offer the best customer experience, whether it is payments, investment, insurance or stock trading. Angel One’s SmartAPI is an open API platform that can be used by financial service providers to make their own platforms ready for rule-based trading.

What is SmartAPI?

SmartAPI allows its users to integrate their platforms with Angel One’s trading systems to conduct rule-based trading on their apps or website. SmartAPI is a comprehensive ecosystem that provides all functionalities required to set up rule-based trading for entrepreneurs- it is developer-friendly and well suited to startups looking to offer the service. Angel One’s API solution provides prompt and ready access to the company’s wealth of resources such as live market feeds and historical data.


Angel One’s SmartAPI platform offers a number of features aimed at assisting startups and FinTech companies to not only create a trading platform but also optimise it through Angel One’s expertise.

– Users can get free-of-cost APIs for various functionalities.

– FinTechs can provide end-to-end broking services.

– By associating with Angel One, users can access its over 5 million clients.

– Get approvals easily, thanks to assistance from Angel One’s team.

– Create a user-friendly website with minimal code.

– Create a product that becomes trading-ready within just a few minutes.

SmartAPI solutions

FinTechs and new-age financial service providers are creating products that make trading in stocks easier – for themselves and the end-user. SmartAPI stays true to its product offering and ensures precisely this.

Manual trading is riddled with error and inaccuracy. SmartAPI enables entrepreneurs to automate trading products. The startup need not write code from scratch to facilitate automation in trading but can make their product ready for trading within minutes. With SmartAPI, FinTechs can rely on the trust and credibility of Angel One.

SmartAPI’s offerings help create trading algorithms within a computing framework that is already familiar to the user. Trade orders can be carried out based on the user’s market strategies 24×7. It provides access to real-time and historical data which can be used to execute trades. There is also a provision for backtesting algorithms before they can be taken live.


Free of cost: Users can register on SmartAPI for free, compared to competitors who charge a fee for similar services. Angel One charges no fees and comes without any hidden costs.

Assistance: Integration can be done quickly with support from the dependable team over at Angel One. Startups can trust the team with queries, get solutions to technical problems, and have their doubts resolved.

Quick and easy: The SmartAPI SDK comes equipped with readily available libraries in a number of languages. This helps deploy API quickly and easily.

Multiple programming languages: SmartAPI is available in 7 programming languages like Python, R, Java, Node Js, and others.

Reliable infrastructure: SmartAPI’s software infrastructure enables companies to execute multiple trades within a short time span and create end-to-end broking solutions. From sign-up to trading – the integration is seamless and enables a user-friendly experience.

Types of APIs and use cases

SmartAPI provides a number of APIs to create a comprehensive trading experience.

Publisher APIs: Creates interactive elements on the app and adds functionalities related to the execution of trades to the FinTech or startup’s platform.

Trading APIs: Facilitates the instant execution of orders and manages users’ portfolios.

Market feed APIs: These let the user stream real-time market data such as stock prices, trade volumes, opens and closes and EPS.

Historical data API: Users can access historical data in the user’s application environment.

Startups can use SmartAPI to leverage Angel One’s wide customer base when they seek to deploy their next-generation trading platforms. Advisory services can use SmartAPI similarly to deliver trading signals that are pre-configured for their users.

Smart Store

Angel One also introduced Smart Store, an online ecosystem that serves as a marketplace for fintech-based products and rule-based investment solutions. Smart Store aims to also provide investor education solutions while facilitating interactions between traders.

Smart Store houses a number of trading apps to choose from. It allows users to make a decision based on their expectations and risk appetite. These apps can be availed at discounted prices and free trials. Moreover, traders can simply get in touch with the creators of these apps. The platform has several learning modules that explain complex concepts like automated trading and high-frequency trading lucidly.

The way ahead

So far, SmartAPI has garnered more than 45,000 registrations within the first six months of its launch and has achieved 100 million API calls. Angel One seeks to become a formidable player in the rule-based trading space in India. The roadmap ahead for SmartAPI is that it will be introduced in three more coding languages – C++, R and Go. It also seeks to partner with FinTechs that may access its massive client base through its marketplace Smart Store.

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