Planning a Holiday? Automate Your Itinerary Using Holidayen!

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Planning a Holiday? Automate Your Itinerary Using Holidayen!

You’re on a trip to Vietnam next week, and want to make the most of it. So you sit down to get your itinerary done and calculate estimated costs. What if this process can be automated, and all you need to do is enter the destination? Two IIT Roorkee and Bombay graduates and their team of four have developed the Holidayen platform to do just that.

Developed by Tarun Madan and Utkala Mohanty, Holidayen is an automated trip planning portal.

How Does Holidayen Work?

Users can create trips on Holidayen by entering the destination to go to from over 30 cities across the globe.

Holidayen takes into account the destination and trip duration keyed in, to produce a an itinerary of

  • Modes of transport to and fro

  • Getting around the city itself

  • Things to do in the city and attractions to visit

  • List of Hotels

The itinerary builder takes into account the opening & closing hours, available timeframe and more while creating the plan.

It also gives you the associated costs for the overall trip, and for each activity selected. Holidayen has partnered with Expedia to give the hotel listings and US based Viator for activities.

“Planning a trip is a cumbersome process, taking upto several days of online research, reading guides and asking several people. Holidayen makes trip planning a breeze, where the user can plan a trip in seconds, while completely customizing it to her preferences. We are targeting international travelers, who plan trips by themselves without approaching agents,” says Utkala, co-founder, Holidayen.

Once the engine throws up the list of things to, places to visit etc., users can also add, delete or move around things to suit their interests.


“As a travel planning service, our relevant tracking KPI is the number of complete trips planned per month on Holidayen which is currently 2,200,” says Utkala.

Holidayen which was started in 2012, currently has 5,000 monthly active users.

What’s great about Holidayen

  • Has a great UI, design and is extremely simple to use.

  • Has a map view

  • Has pre-configured featured travel plans for those who just want to click and go

What needs to be done

  • Navigation can be made easier. Right now, when you click on “things to do” it navigates to another page that displays “+things to do” and an entire sheet of white. Why not just the one page, a click, and automatically populate once clicked?

  • If the product needs to be truly global, there needs to be a currency conversion tool integrated into it. Currently, all rates are given in dollars.


One of Holidayen’s is venture backed MyGola started by Prateek Sharma and Anshuman Bapna. The service provides users customised and automated itineraries as well.

Holidayen says that the key differentiator for them is the fact that Holidayen allows users to book activities in addition to searching for them.

Similar services are offered by mobile app Trip38, Traverik and TripTern.

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