Automatically Change Your Android Mobile Profile Based On Your Location [Appnomy]

So you need a different profile when you are in your home, or your office and a different profile when in a pub? While you can use the default profile manager that comes with your mobile, there has to be a fun way to do that! Most importantly, there has to be an automated way to achieve the same.

Enter PinMe.

PinMe for Android is a free “location based” profile manager. The application uses maps to Pin point the locations and assign a profile. Using GPS, the application keeps track and changes your profile when you enter or exit the saved locations.

Features of the app:

  • Satellite view of the map to Pin point the locations.
  • Accurate Latitude/Longitude based location mapping.
  • Possibility to define the location Radius.
  • Profile changed by user manually is given highest priority. PinMe will not try to over write user changed profile.
  • A default profile: Used when you are not within any saved locations.

PinMe is currently free but new version will be soon released with advanced features.

Download Link:

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