Meet the Automators : The coders who are programming their job!

It is often being said and truly so, that the best programmers are also the laziest ones, the reason being they find the shortest workable solution to the problem so that they don’t have to work too hard on it.

Now, even the companies are finding out that their smartest workers are not those who slog long hours on the job, but on the contrary, the ones who almost don’t do anything.

And the reason being, they have found out the ultimate hack, they have ‘automated’ their jobs.

And many of them are programmers themselves, it’s like being the “meta of meta”, the programmer programming the job itself.

Off late we have already seen some repercussions of this phenomenon, especially with top rung IT services companies, having laying off hundreds and may be thousands of employees, because their jobs could be automated.

So while there are some who program their jobs, out of the drudgery involved with the menial work, day-in and day-out; many of them are being just being programmed out.

Since the advent of steam engine, the sword of ‘automation’ always hanged on the unwieldy; for the first time, it is the ‘Gods’ themselves which are in line. The kind of automation where the ‘people’ are getting benefited, in kind or otherwise.

Imagine if all the coders of the world unite, form a union of members only, and start sharing their ‘automation’ techniques with each other? Each of them could have extra free time to pursue her/his other activities. Stuff which they actually enjoy doing. The job would be on ‘automatic’.

Well, does this mean that employers would be getting cheated or they are in a sour deal?

Of course not, a happy employee is always more beneficial than a grumpy one; and the ‘automatic worker’ is already doing his/her job proficiently, for which the employer bargained for in the first place.

A win-win for everyone, through AI !

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