Introducing the new avatar of NextBigWhat

Dussehra signifies the victory of good over bad, truth over lie. 

And this Dussehra, we are happy to unveil our new brand identity and most importantly, what the new avatar of what Next.Big.What stands for (there are a lot of changes – especially the fact that we don’t cover news anymore).


We started because we wanted to bring a lot of focus on enabling discovery of startups and products (and build a solid community of people who are early adopters and are ready to share honest feedback with the makers).

Over the last few years, here is what has changed:

The innovation is not just happening from startups, but also big corporate.

For example, Google has done much more in innovation when it comes to Bharat market than any startup.

Similarly, Indian corporate have started launching cooler products than many startups (like the Hero electric cycle).

That is, the world order is changing and everyone is looking for #THENEXTBIG.THING WHAT.

And this is where we come in – irrespective of whether you are a startup in Poland or India or Australia or whether you are corporate building some cool things – we are going to give you the platform to help you reach out to the early adopters.

As a matter of fact, in the last 10 days we have profiled products from Egypt to Netherlands to London to of course, Indian startups who are thinking radically different.

That is: We also give you a peek into new innovations and help you/your business discover great products – which move the needle for you.
FYI: our primary focus is Enterprise/SAAS products, developer tools and marketing tools.


We have stopped covering news (there are more lies than truth in news). News, I believe leads to small talks and there are many sources for you to get these updates from (best is Twitter).

The BIG changes are, however happening somewhere big countries (i.e. China) to small pockets (esp when it comes to Blockchain).

And the world really needs a curator to sift through the noise and bring you signals.

NextBigWhat will bring you the BIG trends and updates from the industries which will define the future of this world: AI and Blockchain.

The core delivery format of this is : NEWSLETTER.

If you are a CXO or a geek looking to understand AI from a business/implementation/research perspective, signup for the AI newsletter.


Earlier this year, we launched our product management course and after two successful batches, we have made many changes to the course structure (made it online and self-paced, given that the course is meant for busy professionals).

We are launching more courses in the coming weeks – all focused on founders, business managers and leadership teams.

PS: We have also launched the Product Job board.

We are hiring for different roles: Curators, Designer and Inside Sales Managers.

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