Why Bollywood is Afraid of Hollywood and Indian startups of global competition

“Everywhere Hollywood has gone, it has destroyed the local industry whether it’s England, Italy or Germany, they just come and take over. They have the money and the expertise. They have the quality and quantity. We are fighting against them,” – Amitabh Bachchan.
“So, whenever their films come out, please don’t patronize them because we are fighting against an ogre of Hollywood from overtaking us and destroying our industry. I spent some time with these young filmmakers and they think so big and massive. They don’t have any doubts about how to do things. They tell me, ‘We will do this and that,’ and I ask them, ‘But how will you manage?’. They assure me they know how to do it.” [BigB]

He is specifically pointing to Avengers’ India collection numbers
In the opening weekend, Avengers made Rs 40 crore with JUST 900 screens.
For reference Akshay Kumar’s Padman made Rs 38.80 crore playing on around 2,800 screens. And Ajay Devgn’s Raid did Rs 39.75 crore with a release in over 3,250 screens (via).

Can you see the difference? More $$ / significantly lesser number of screens.

And by the way, Baahubali 2 made Rs. 217 crores in the opening weekend ! And Sultan did Rs. 210 crores.
Padmavat did Rs. 75.05 crores. That is, way more than Avengers.

What does this translate to?
Great content wins. Irrespective of whether it’s desi or phoren.
Sultan, Dangal, Padmavat – they are all were outstanding movies and FYI: no Hollywood movie till date has managed to beat Dangal’s China collection! (Dangal finally did $189mn in 60 days).
We can cry over Hollywood entering Indian market, localizing their movies (like a boss) and win the market instead of us making great movies (products) and going global.

This is pretty much same as Indian startups asking to ban Chinese and SV companies from entering India; and not focus on building great products.
High time we realize that great product will find a way.
Locally as well as Internationally.
The time to go big is now.

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