Average Internet Speed in India Grows 20% Sequentially to 1.3 Mbps: Report

Average Internet connection speed in India grew 20% quarter on Quarter to 1.3 Mbps, said a new report. In comparison, it has the lowest average connection speed in the Asia Pacific region. China’s average speed is 1.7 Mbps and South Korea has 14.2 Mbps, the latest Akamai State of the Internet report said.

Akamai Average Speed

High Broadband connectivity (>10 Mbps) in India grew 102% quarter on quarter to .3% in the quarter. In Asia Pacific, while China and Thailand saw marginal decline in High Broadband adoption rate to 2.7% and .2%, South Korea and Japan had the highest broadband adoption rate at 50% & 43%.
 Akamai High Broadband
Broadband connectivity (>4 Mbps), in India was at 2.4%, clocking a 33% quarter on quarter increase and a 66% year on year increase.
“Adoption rates continued to be fairly strong in most countries/regions, though China, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam maintained adoption rates below 10%,” the quarterly report said.
Meanwhile, Akamai observed that China remained the top source of observed attack traffic, though its percentage declined by nearly a fifth from the prior quarter. This decline is likely related to Indonesia making a sudden appearance in the second place slot, after a 30x
increase quarter-over-quarter. Akamai Attack
Hong Kong and India were the only two other countries/regions among the top 10 that also saw quarterly increases in observed attack traffic volume—the remaining countries/regions saw nominal declines, in general. Attack traffic concentration also increased in the first quarter, again owing to the significant volume of attack traffic observed from Indonesia.  Akamai DDos by Sector
See the full report here (pdf, registration required).

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