Average Internet Speed in India is 849KBPS [Global average is 1.7 MBPS]

Akamai observed a 4.7% increase (from the third quarter of 2009) globally in the number of unique IP addresses connecting to Akamai’s network.   Ending 2009 at 465 million unique IPs, the metric grew 16% from the end of 2008, and nearly 54% from the end of 2007. India witnessed a marginal increase in the total number of unique IP addresses.

Unique IP Addresses Worldwide

  • South Korea continued to have the highest level of “high broadband” (>5 Mbps) connectivity and also maintained the highest average connection speed, at nearly 12 Mbps.
  • Russia continued to hold the top spot, again originating 13% of observed attack traffic
  • Globally, the rate of growth of unique IP addresses over time is slowing.
  • United States and China continued to account for nearly 40% of the observed IP addresses.
  • As far as the top 100 fastest cities are concerned, 48 are in Japan and overall 62 of them are in Asia.
  • The global average measured connection speed held steady at 1.7 Mbps
  • Port 445 was overwhelmingly the top port targeted by attacks among the top ten countries.

Key Statistics for India

    • India has 3,553,710 unique IP addresses and constitute 3.3% of attacks.
    • Average Internet speed in India stands at 849 KBPS.
    • 26% of Internet population is well below 256 KBPS speed.

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