Avoid doing these mistakes early in your life

I procrastinated a lot. It’s not bad to take breaks but to roam aimlessly without a plan? – Raj Shamani

Mistakes I made early on in my life so you don’t have to: [A thread]
[1] It took me a while to understand the importance of financial literacy. So I would suggest everyone, be financially literate even if you are a minor. Just educate yourself because it will take you a long way and broaden your perspective on various things about money.
[2] I only used to read bestseller books because they make you look cool and wise at the same time. I never truly understood why I read those books in the first place or what was the purpose.
I could’ve invested that time in learning and reading the books that really would have helped me. I would suggest going on social media and seeing what people are recommending. (For example, follow @AlexAndBooks_ )
[3] I procrastinated a lot. It’s not bad to take breaks but to roam aimlessly without a plan? I always told myself I’ll fix it tomorrow. BUT…. The only tomorrow you have is today. Stop making excuses and start executing.
[4] I didn’t know financial literacy, mental health, psychology, and business ethics were important. But once I got to know, I didn’t look back. These skills can help you in the long run. It sure did for me.
[5] I was a people-pleaser. I made tons of mistakes in money, relationships, business, and much more. But I am glad I know this now. Because now I know what I don’t want to be.
[6] I used to follow the ‘get rich quick’ principle. What? Don’t judge me. It is a fascinating concept for a teenager. However, don’t let people scam you. There is no such principle or trick or hack or concept or anything.
[7] I never used to have a proper sleep schedule. I am still learning. But now I am aware that a good night’s sleep is important. So, make sure to sleep for at least 7 hours every day to be more effective in your work.
[8] I was not aware back then why I was pursuing my degree, whether it was my passion or something I was happy about? If you are good at something, it doesn’t mean you will be happy while doing it. Find something that makes you happy but also make sure that you really want it.
[9] I always rushed through life. Never took a break to self-reflect and to observe things more deeply. I was always a productive nerd. A child who was curious to learn and learn. Now I realize that breaks are important. It helps you take a pause and live in that very moment.
[10] I always said ‘YES’ to everything. I felt morally obligated to do so, to help people, to solve their problems even when I didn’t have time.
One thing everyone should master is the ‘power to say NO’. It is okay to say NO to the things that don’t bring you joy, that hinder your growth, that makes you feel less excited, and more.
I am sharing these mistakes so that you know I am also a human and I have also made plenty of mistakes. The mistakes you read above are a quick overview of my journey. I barely scratched the surface.
Mistakes teach us the things that we should avoid so that we can explore the rest. Make mistakes, assess them, and then act.
‘The great mistake a man can ever make is to be afraid of making one.’ – Elbery Hubbard
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