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Legal Implications of Using Amazon AWS?

We are a SAAS startup and would like to understand what are the legal implications of using a third party service like AWS? Our customer data will reside in Amazon server, which has it’s own T&C.
What are the recommendations for T&C for a SAAS service which uses Amazon server for data storage?

Legal things for SAAS

I am planning to launch a SaaS based product. It is a web based product does not require any installation. My target audience are small to medium companies. What are the mandatory legal things I need to take care? how much do they cost?

Sign up users pre-launch

I have seen many startups put up a page saying we are getting ready for launch, please leave your email so that we inform you when we are ready. Which are the popular tools used for this? If I decide to implement such a form on my own, what are the pitfalls? The advantage of having the emails on the my own db is that later on when people register for the live app, I can give users who had signed up pre-launch some benefits easily. (less code involved) or so I think.

Best toolkit to use for e commerce website

Which toolkit should be used to build an e-commerce website ?
Requirements are:
1. Customizable UI
2. Easy to modify stuff.

Any suggestions ?

What possible issues can arise if I deploy on a 64bit OS?

Due to a unique situation, I am having to use a x64 bit OS for the production box. Now I have never deployed on a x64 OS and was wondering what issues (technological or otherwise) could arise?

Some of the doubts I have –

The db on the production box would be x64 bit version. Whereas my dev environment is all 32 bit (x86 OS) Would the backup taken on x64 work all right on the dev environment?( According to me it should, but still better to have another opinion)

I will not be able to install my IDE on the x64 prod box. Though normally all code changes are done on the dev env, should I have my IDE on the prod box “just in case”?

What other issues could come up?

Startup without any co-founders – is it advisable?

I am planning a web startup. Though, I am still conceptualizing and evaluating my idea, my two biggest concerns are lack of a co-founder and finance. I can manage the latter with a bit of consulting on the sidelines but, I am not so sure about the first one.

Is it really necessary having more than one founders starting the business? I shouldn’t partner with someone I don’t know really well. I feel I can do all the dirty work in the beginning and later I can “promote” one of my employees. What do you guys think?

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