“600% Revenue growth in one year. This is why you should move full-time into your venture” [Santosh Panda, Ayojak]

A lot of entrepreneurs continue to work on their venture part-time for a very long time. There always is a risk whether they can make enough money or not, once they move full-time into the venture.

Santosh Panda, founder of Ayojak was running the venture for almost 2 years and this financial year, they registered 600% growth in the revenues.

“When I was running Ayojak part-time, even my friends and families refused to put their money into the venture.”

And mind you, Ayojak is Santosh’s third attempt at starting up! Watch this video to understand the complete journey (or rather, the destiny); and we certainly hope that the part-timers will wake up and are ready to send their resignation letter!

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