Baba Ramdev: I still work on daily closing. People who do weekly and monthly closing can never succeed.

Interesting insights from Baba Ramdev on building a brand.
To create a brand, first differentiate. Second, do something continuously because only then you’ll be able to achieve something. You will take a while to build trust. If you use shortcuts and reach, there will still be problems (note for startups)

Team Management.
Also getting trustworthy people to work with you takes years. Because, these days trust is broken easily. Select the right people and 75 per cent of your work is done.

I work on daily closing and personally look at the mapping. People who do weekly and monthly closing can never succeed. So, work on daily closing, retain performers and let go of those who don’t meet the targets.

On Being Global.
We use words like the superpower and aspire for India to be No. 1. Tell me about one national news channel at the international level? There is only BBC and CNN.
People need to understand that it won’t become a superpower in one way. You have to look at it in a holistic, inclusive and collective way (via).

What Baba Ramdev demonstrates is the power of clarity – it is something which very few have. That is, clarity in terms of purpose, competitive strategy and choice of words.