Babajob wins Mobile Peer Award

Mobile peer awards have been announced and Babajob has won 2 awards –  ‘Community Award for early-stage startups’ and ‘Jury Award for very early-stage companies’.

Other winners include:

  • Orbster won the Audience Award for early-stage companies.
  • Fring won the Community Award for emerging companies
  • Popcatcher won the Jury Award for emerging companies
  • Unkasoft won the Audience Award for emerging companies. [via]

Matthaus, one of the jury members has following to say about Babajob:

Being part of that jury we felt comfortable to disclose that our choices came down to a Top 3 of Babajob, Mob4Hire and Aka-Aki (in that ranking order). Amongst the three we all agreed that Babajob’s business model has the highest upside. We eveluated the companies on the criterium “whether we would be investing our own money” in them.

What’s your opinion on Babajob’s business model? If you have used Babajob’s service, do share your opinion.

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