Big B takes blogging seriously – Stays Candid. Will Invite Controversy


Big B takes blogging seriously – Stays Candid. Will Invite Controversy

Last week, when BigAdda announced that Big B will start blogging @ BigAdda, I just dismissed the entire news as a marketing gimmick.

But Big B lives upto his commitment (as always) and is taking blogging very seriously and writes his heart out!

Check out his blog

In the latest post entry, he slams health minister,Ramdoss for the issue (or noise?) raised on banning actors from smoking/drinking on-screen.

“Due to the intimate relationship between a healthy and dynamic democracy and education, punitive financial measure MUST be allied to better public health campaigns that do not merely pronounce upon behaviours, but actually inform and persuade…

With regard to the use of alcohol or drugs of any kind in films, you seem to misunderstand the medium. It is an art form. Good art only flourishes in freedom. Legislating against the use of particular props, such as alcohol or tobacco, in films is a direct attack on such freedom. As an art form, it is not the business of the film industry to promote government agenda. If made so, then it is no longer art. It is mere propaganda, no matter how worthy the cause.”

The only other actor who takes blogging seriously is Aamir Khan.

Is this a coincidence or like me, you too see a pattern?

Both of them are niche actors, yet make mass movies – they have embraced social media much before the others (yeah! SRK is cheerleading his IPL team)

Essentially, that means they are still eager to “try out new stuff”, while their peers are busy launching new TV shows!

Is “readiness to try out” a big reason why they are ahead of their peers?

Pattern. You see.

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