Backup your email with DropmyEmail : 650K Users in 2 months, 20% from India

Worried about losing all your email data? Well, Dropmysite, a Singapore based startup wants to ‘backup the Internet’ and Dropmyemail is their offering towards backing up one’s email. The freemium service is free till 500 MB usage and is charged at $9.99/year for 5GB usage.


The service also support Exchange servers (not VPN though) and as far as the target audience is concerned, the team is focusing on consumers first and is working on a product for SME/enterprise needs.

The Singapore based startup , Dropmysite has been started with a vision is to ‘backup Internet’ – and the first product, Dropmyemail also allows you to migrate emails from one provider to the other (future plans include allowing users to backup their contacts, calendars, chats etc). 

The company has seen tremendous growth since launch – 650,000 users since March 2012 and apparently, 20% of users are from India! Maybe, the referral scheme (you get 256MB free when your referral signs up for the service) has done the trick?
In terms of product, the action is all behind the scene, though I’d strongly recommend the team to look at call-to-action at key points – for example, when your backup inbox is full, the system should just show an ‘upgrade account’ link.

Do give Dropmyemail a spin and share your recommendation.

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