Messaging App Bakfy Helps College Students Chat Anonymously. Is Seeing Great Traction

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Messaging App Bakfy Helps College Students Chat Anonymously. Is Seeing Great Traction

“Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth” [Oscar Wilde]

Facebook’s Graph Search is great at discovering people from your organization. But it’s a jarring process, plus, there’s the off chance many people might not have made their personal information public. A Bangalore-based startup is trying to fix that model. Made expressly for IIT students (to start off), Bakfy has taken a step ahead and automatically assembles students from the same college. Sign up and all your college mates are already there.


Go Anonymous

But that’s not all, there is one more headline feature that differentiates Bakfy from other social networks – and that’s anonymity.

It’s a pretty handy feature — it helps you say and do things that you might not otherwise. The recent advent of confession pages has proved how eager people are to confess about and share the intimate details of their lives. And anonymity is the way to do it.

Available as an Android app, Bakfy is a pretty interesting network. The facebook inspired design and operation is pretty evident. But the content that people share is reasonably funny and informative.

Bakfy has got over 2,000 downloads, and most of the users return to the app every week, if not on a daily basis, Ashutosh Garg, CEO of Bakfy, tells us. The company plans to launch Web, Windows and iOS clients of Bakfy by July. However, the network will remain accessible to IIT students only.

Bakfy – Local Twitter for Colleges from kathir on Vimeo.

Bakfy Stats

– Almost 2000 downloads.
– 8k engagement points (posts/likes/comments)
– Daily Active users (returning daily): 45%
– 400 hours spent in total by users in Bakfy
– 20k+ sessions; 1 min average session time/use

Vision and Future

While there are lots of things going right with this application, Bakfy still has a lot of ground to cover. In a world, where Facebook is now allowing you to ask your friend whether they are single or not, and make your intentions clear, Bakfy doesn’t even have a search box. Perhaps the application is targeting a different set of audience, but even then, it could use some more features.

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