Green Livelihoods – Promoting Bamboo as an Economic Driver

Green Livelihoods is a social enterprise working  on “GREEN” and “LIVELIHOOD” initiative with an aim of utilising bamboo as an economic driver for providing sustainable livelihood opportunities to rural & tribal population in the country.

Bamboo Industry in India

  • Financial : Market potential of Bamboo based products is estimated to be Rs.26,000/- Crores by the year 2015.
  • Social :  If tapped properly can help more than 5 million of our population cross the poverty line and Bamboo
  • Environmental: as bamboo minimizes CO2 gases and generates up to 35% more oxygen then equivalent stand of trees.   Customers do not have access to bamboo based products and tribal artisans do not have access to organized markets, we at Bamboo House India are working to cover the gap between the forest and the customer.

Green Livelihoods’ strategy is to adopt NID trained, DC – Handicrafts supported, NMBA (National Mission on Bamboo Applications) funded, TBM (Tripura Bamboo Mission), IL&FS intervened tribal community for production of bamboo furniture and create a chain of 3 -5 exclusive bamboo showrooms across the thereby giving round the year employment opportunities to rural and tribal artisans.

The startup has already launched it’s first showroom in Hyderabad.

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