Bandwidth Targeting – Facebook’s New Weapon For Customized Advertising


Bandwidth Targeting – Facebook’s New Weapon For Customized Advertising

Between April-June 2014 Facebook made $2.7 Billion in revenue from advertising, obviously stating how important digital advertising is to Facebook. While Facebook earlier used many features like device based, OS based and model based ad targeting, the latest addition to this array of features is bandwidth targeting.

fb broadband targeting

India is Facebook’s second largest user base with 108 million users. Ad revenue generated from India, as compared to global revenue, is negligible and Facebook had introduced the ‘missed calls ad’ to boost revenue as it neared the 100 million users mark. Considering the inconsistency in data speed across the country, bandwidth targeting could work for Facebook in India.

Bandwidth targeting is a strategic move which will display advertisements according to the data transmission speed connected to the mobile device, be it 2G, 3G or 4G. Most high growth countries with feature phones subscribe to limited data plans and people are increasingly getting connected online. But due to infrastructural variations there are speed differences in data connections across geographical territories.

With this feature, advertisements will be chosen depending upon the file size and the rich media content used in commercials that stream effortlessly on the available network data connection speed. This would include swapping videos with images and other creatives that would consume lesser data transmission bandwidth making sure that Facebook does not lose out on its digital advertising spends.

Digital advertising has to be highly focused and relies on speed, device model, OS and bandwidth. Data bandwidth also acts as a demographic indicator which further sharpens the target audience. With customized advertising experience for high growth countries using multiple creatives and multiple media options, fast and efficient contents can to be catered to the people.

Bandwidth targeting feature is available globally via the Ad Create tool, Power Editor and the API tool on the platform.

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