Bangalore based Againn launches online card-free common-loyalty programme (“No conditions apply”)

Managing and using previously earned freebies while shopping online or offline is an art, which at very few are deft. Every time I shop online or recharge (phone and TV), I earn points, coupons codes amongst other freebies. However, using them with every checkout is something, which is full of hassles (like flushing out mails for codes and points).

For folks like me, here is a good news – Bangalore based startup, Againn makes this process entirely simple and effortless. Againn is an online card-free common loyalty platform with the punchline “No Conditions Apply”. againn

The platform enables users to score points on their purchases, and redeem those points at any store they want. So, essentially it solves the pain of keeping track of scored points at different stores without any time limitation or validity.

How does Againn work?

Users can register by simply giving a missed call to Againn’s number – 08039193939, post which it  immediately sends the users their unique pin and the registration process is done. Later users are directed to the merchant website where they shop the way they normally do.

There is no minimum threshold to be achieved before user can start redeeming the points. Users are notified via a SMS whenever they earn/redeem points. The gift vouchers are sent immediately via SMS and users’ mobile number acts as their unique identification. Remember one point earned via Againn is always equal to Re. 1.

From backend the platform tracks sales based on cookies and reward users accordingly. The points are pooled from each retailer and it charges retailers based on the sales generated via Againn network. The commissions are variable and are based on the industry and popularity of retailers. Using your number as a unique ID, Againn  will get the information of the points you earned directly from the retailers (have on-boarded 9 partners including Makemytrip, Inkfruit, Myntra, Pepperfry).

Founded by Nukul Updhaye and Nikita Mokhariwale – Againn is a self funded venture and as of now it has boarded 9 partners including Myntra, Pepperfry, Makemytrip, Fernsnpetals amongst others with 200 registered users. To understand more about interesting startup Againn, NextBigWhat spoke to Nukul Upadhye. Edited excerpts:

NBW: What has been the traction like in terms of traffic, registration from consumer and merchant side?

NU: Within two months of our launch, we have on-boarded 9 partners and have 200 registered users. We are seeing close to 300 clicks per day (not unique visitors)

NBW: Againn claims that reward points can be redeemed anywhere without any conditions. How will you do this?

NU: We pay the retailers in full for the points redeemed at their store. They in-turn do not apply any conditions on the discounts provided against the points redeemed. We also buy pre paid gift vouchers from retailers in bulk to be provided to our users against the points they have in their user account.

NBW: Future plans?

NU: Currently we are providing our services only in the e-commerce space. We have already developed the technology to integrate with the billing systems of most offline retailers. The second phase of againn would be to launch ourselves in the offline space. We will rollout our second phase from Bangalore and we are in discussion with a few retailers to start testing the integration.

Third phase would involve the introduction of SMS gateway based loyalty programs. This would enable the micro-scale enterprises and round the corner tea shops to integrate with Againn’s loyalty Program. This hopefully would be the tipping point for Againn. The SMS gateways too is ready for launch.

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