Bangalore Based NudgeSpot Launches In-Store Advertisements for Online Retailers

Bangalore based NudgeSpot which helps ecommerce companies increase sales has launched In-Store advertisements, with which online retailers can show custom advertisements to visitors to increase the chances of purchase.

Suresh Harikrishnan, CEO of Nudgespot says that marketing teams can run their campaigns independent of the IT release cycles without compromising quality of their website using in-store ads.

Its quite an interesting way of increasing the chances of converting a visitor to a buyer, espeically when customer acquisitions are costly for online retailers who are also looking to cut down on deep discounts and slow their burn rates.

NudgeSpot’s in store ads, can be put to different uses. For instance, an online retailer could remind visitors to signup for their newsletters, remind them of pending orders in their card or suggest alternate products.
nudgespot create-adOnline retailers can implement these ads much like using a Google ad unit by embedding a javascript on the store’s page. Ads can be configured using a dashboard from NudgeSpot. Using the company’s platform, an ecommerce retailer can create targeted promos, reward frequent visitors, improve conversions on social media referals or tie your promotions to your ad campaigns.

For ecommerce companies, customers leaving their cart midway is a big problem and NudgeSpot helps them reduce cart abandonment. Online advertisers would like nothing more than being able to convert a visitor into a buyer.

Online retailers typically use re-marketing to try and get their customers back if they abandon their cart mid way. For instance, companies like Flipkart and Myntra send you a reminder mail with all the items in your cart to try and get you to complete the purchase.

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